Review…Running Scared (Sentinel Wars Series 3) by Shannon K. Butcher

“Lexi Johns has one purpose: to free her best friend from the hands of the Sentinels. And the Sentinel she has been running from for months, Zach, has one goal: to convince her that their destinies are entwined. For the magic that Zach has absorbed could destroy him if he doesn’t find the woman to channel it for him. And he knows Lexi is the one…”


This is the story of Zach and Lexi! Lexi had been told for many years my her mother and Defenders of Humanity that Thearoni are dangerous and will brain wash her. She calls Zach and tells him to come help her out of a dangerous situation, however, it is all an evil plan with the Defenders of Humanity to destroy the Thearoni. The longer she is around Zach the harder it is for her to believer everything that her mother told her. She is very torn. Zach is compatible with Lexi and needs to break through the mental wall that she has built.

Heat Factor: Sizzling



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