Review…Raging Shadows by Cassandre Dayne

“Savannah Lily was bored with her everyday life and hungered to spice it up. Her job, as a fashion consultant, left her little time for a social life. So when her three best friends suggested a game using the Ouija Board and a naughty dare, she initially scoffed until she heard about the prize. She’d dabbled with the occult since her childhood, curious about all things that went bump in the night and Halloween was fast approaching. Hungry for one man who filled her every night with sinful visions, winning the prize just might help her achieve her ultimate fantasy, immortality. 

Constantine Avion was considered by many to be a warlock specializing in the extreme torture of men and women. Some said he held the key of life and death in his hands and he was rumored to have a male lover. Feared by everyone that knew him, his secret club catered to the darker side of sex, infused with magic. Entrance by invitation only, few were selected to go behind the hallowed doors. 

 For some reason Raging Shadows was having a Halloween party open to the public in groups of four or more. The only catch? One member of each party would be required to perform an act of seduction or kink if requested, with no questions asked, and Constantine determined how the game was played. 

As the night fast approached, Savannah was determined to entice the man some called a monster. Unfortunately, she didn’t understand his level of power and his desperate needs until one night reminded her she was very much alive. 

Would Savannah decide to succumb to the man of her dreams and give up her soul or was there a darker power working against the tortured lovers?”


This one did not have any problems bringing the heat. It was jam packed full of it and is the perfect book to go along with Halloween. A very naughty Halloween. It starts the reader off with friends playing with a Ouija board and talking about an upcoming halloween party at an exclusive club that was nice and naughty.

Savannah is your everyday woman who keeps her darker desires hidden, even most of them from her friends. She’s had a fantasy of one man that haunts her dreams and this is her chance to see if it can come true.  I found Savannah to be pretty easy to identify with. She’s down to earth but like most of us, has dreams of something bigger.

Constantine is your typical sexy as hell man that is rumored to be a warlock and a total badass. He’s all male and demanding, making no apologies for who he is or what he wants.

This book holds nothing back. There was a few times I wanted to cringe while reading but I haven’t read a whole lot of BDSM and this one doesn’t dip your toes in, it throws you completely into the pool.  There were some very hot scenes and the heat between the characters burns of the pages.   Cassandre Dayne does an excellent job of making the storyline believable to where you believe that something like the story that is told could actually happen, which can be hard with both BDSM and paranormal.  I thought she also did a good job of making Savannah a submissive but not in a way that was degrading.

I will say the ending was a shocker. I won’t give it away, I just wasn’t expecting it at all.  The book was very good and jam packed full of hot sex and hot males to back it up.


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Heat Factor: On Fire

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