Dying Wish (Sentinel Wars Series #6) By Shannon K. Butcher


Jackie Patton has been rescued by the Theronai from her captivity and torture at the hands of the Synestryn, only to learn that she’s a potential match for the Theronai warriors who need a woman to literally save their lives.

Forced to choose, she unexpectedly selects Iain, a cold-hearted warrior who doesn’t want to be saved. Iain is convinced that it’s too late-that his soul is already as dead as his former betrothed, killed by the Synestryn. Still, he is the only one she wants. But is Iain indeed beyond saving


Jackie is horrified by her past. All she wants to do is leave this place, but the only way she can is to choose a Theronai man to bond with. She chooses Iain because she feels that he doesn’t expect anything from her. Iain doesn’t want it anymore then Jackie does. However, she made her choice. He agrees to go with her. While gone, Iain is injured in battle and the only way Jackie can heal him is to take the lercia from around his neck, bonding them together.

Jackie and Ian’s relationship starts out as one of duty. They neither one wanted it and vows to end it as soon as they can. But the longer they are together the more the sexual tension builds. When they finally get physical it is explosive.

Jackie’s muscles tighetened down, and her movements became stronger as she bucked against him. Her breathing sped, and she started making a soft sound warning of her impending orgasm.

He sped up the pace. Through their link, he sent his desire to see her come, to feel it around his fingers and taste it on his tongue. That seemed to send her over the edge and her baody began to shake as she came. He stayed with her, drawing her orgasm out until all that was left was a fluttering remnants of pleasure coursing through her body.”

As typical of this series, all of the characters worked well together and the story line flowed very well. Occasionally it was a bit confusing as it bounced from different character perspectives, but if you continued reading it didn’t take long to understand. There was quite a bit of the back story revealed in this book. It really made a lot of this series make sense!

Finally this series paints the female as the heroin, not a helpless defeseless woman. Jackie was independent and strong. This book revealed that without a female Theronai to bond with the male Theronai can not use the power within them. Only a female can. And Jackie was very good at weilding that power in many ways!

I feel this was the best of the series so far. I will be watching for the 7th book of the series in December!


Heat Factor: Burning






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