Review….The Darkest Day by Britt Bury


Izel Campbell was raised to believe she is an immortal Fionn with the magical skills for persuasion. But when she travels to Scotland to visit her ancestral home, Izel discovers that she is actually the world’s last living human. Forced to run for her life, Izel crosses paths with Kelvin Kerr, the Campbells’ greatest foe-and the most magnificent warrior she has ever seen.


A thousand-year-old battle chief of the Kerr clan, Kelvin lives only to avenge his father, who died at the hands of the bloody Campbells. Honor demands he kill the Campbell heir, but when he learns that the lovely Izel is both Campbell and human, Kelvin is torn between duty and desire . . .



This is Britt Bury’s debut novel and the first in the Immortal Heat Series. I was lucky enough to get a peek at this book before it’s release and let me say……I couldn’t get enough!!!

This is set in the present day, in Scotland. However, in this present day, immortals now rule the land and there are very few human mixed breeds left. As for full-blooded humans? There are none.

Izel, a 25-year-old thought-to-be immortal Poet Fionn, has travelled to Scotland to find her grandfather. She is coming home, so to speak. She is a member of the Campbell clan and her heritage runs deep within this land. She should feel overjoyed and awed…if only she could feel. She has been cursed to feel nothing. No emotion. Ever. Imagine, the shock and terror she felt when she ran into a dark handsome stranger in her grandfathers home who immediately holds her at knife point and threatens her life….wait, she was feeling things? Izel’s life is about to take a turn she never saw coming.

Kelvin Kerr, the battle chief of the Kerr clan, finally has his chance. He has waited hundreds of years to avenge his father’s death. All he has to do is wait. Wait for the prophesized heir to the Campbell clan, his sworn enemies, to walk through that door and kill him. It’s a blow the Campbell’s will never be able to recover from. Imagine the shock when who walked through the door was not a he….but a she. A she that turns out to be the very last full blooded human on earth. His mission has now changed from one of vengeance, to one of protection.

Together, they must figure out a way to get Izel to safety. The attraction they are both feeling toward one another is both foreign and powerful. Izle is dealing with emotions she has never experienced and Kelvin is dealing with an attraction to the enemy. The all-consuming attraction has them both in a push and pull struggle that has the heat coming off of the pages.

This book was a fresh take on all of the things I love. It had immortals and magic and had romance and Scottish deliciousness. Izel is someone I would totally hang out with. She stands her ground but gives in when she should…and there are many times I’m so glad she did. She is fresh and funny and is a character I won’t soon forget. Kelvin is all of the things I love in a tough ass warrior. He’s stubborn but shows a soft side that made me melt. He’s alpha male perfection all wrapped up in a yummy package with a brogue that had me weak in the knees. I am a sucker for a sexy Scott! Their journey had some scenes that I rank up there on my top 10 list….a deliciously hot bathtub scene and some yumminess in the grass during a soft rain. The obstacles they have to overcome dealing with their warring clans are great and many. In the end, I was so happy with the way things turned out for them.

I won’t give away too much more because this is a must read and I hate to spoil one minute of this amazing story for any of you. Thank you, Ms. Bury, for one hell of a book! I cannot wait for more in this series!

Heat Factor: Burning

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  1. 06/14/2012 at 11:10 am

    Awesome review Jilly!

    • darhkportal
      06/14/2012 at 1:07 pm

      Thank you my love!!!

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