The Vampire’s Redemption (Undead in Brown County #3) by S.J. Wright

“A rampage of whirling anticipation surged through me. I couldn’t focus on anything but him, the heat in his amazing eyes and the smooth surface of his lips. I should have been moving away. I should have been thinking about something else and reminding myself that this man before me was a stranger. But it was impossible. Because what I saw in his face, what I recognized in the space of that few moments, was that he knew me.”

In the third book of the Undead in Brown County series, Sarah Wood has to deal with the changes in her sister, Katie. She also gets to know someone new in her life who could end up being her salvation. And then there’s Michael.


Sarah is having a difficult time in life right now. First her father passes away, then she finds out that she is now the vampire warden to several vampires on her property. Then she was attacked and now her sister has been turned into a vampire. Now she is falling for 2 guys. But with all that is spinning around in her head who would be able to decide anything.

This series is all short stories. This is one wasn’t as good as the first two. The characters didn’t really interact well in this book. The series said trilogy, however, they way the book ended didn’t seem so. It will be a huge let down if this series ends the way it stands now.

Heat Factor: Smoking



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