Frisky Friday…Excerpt From Black Magic By JD Tyler


A subtle shift was happening between them, then gradually… comfort became something more. They didn’t have to be alone and afraid. They’d begun to bond tonight over a shared terror, and now the connection solidified as he held her against his heart. Tilted her face up to his.
And placed the sweetest kisses on her lips. He started slowly, one nibble at a time. Paused in between, giving her a chance to put out the flame that had been kindled between them. But she wanted him every bit as much, wasn’t about to say no.
Sitting up, he pulled her into his lap. They were both still dressed in their jeans but situated like this, she had no trouble discerning the erection pressing against her bottom. She wiggled against the hardness, wanting more.
“You’re trying to kill me.”
“Far from it.” Sitting up, she pulled his short over her head, baring herself to his gaze. From the sliver of light filtering through the part in the curtains, she could see his green eyes glittering with desire. With need. But also with, uncertainty.
“I’ve never done this before.”
“Had sex?” She found that difficult to believe.
“Made love,” he whispered. “With someone I care about.”

“Make love to me. Give me everything.”
Capturing her lips again, he lowered her to the bed. Kissed her thoroughly for several long moments. He had the best mouth and he knew how to use it–as he proved by nibbling his way down her throat, teeth scraping. Long ones.
“Are you using your panther teeth?”
She gasped as one canine grazed a tender nipple.

He moved south, kissing her belly. When he moved lower, she had to relinquish her hold on his mane, and whimpered in protest.
“You don’t want this?” he teased, setting between her thighs. “You said to give you everything.”
“And I meant it. I just love my hands in your hair.”
He looked pleased. “Well you can have it back in a few minutes. Promise.”
unzipping her jeans, he worked them down and off, along with her panties. Pushing her knees apart, he lowered his head. Flicked out his tongue and lapped at her clit. With a sigh of pleasure, she spread for him as wide as possible. It had been much too long, and she wanted Kalen to have her. Like this, or any way he desired.
His mouth was every bit as talented in this area, too. He licked her folds, delved his tongue between to fuck her channel slowly. Driving her mad. Then he’d withdraw and suckle the little clit, taking her to the edge. And withdraw again. Lick and suckle. Over and over until she was mindless, writhing.
“Oh, God.”
“What do you want, honey?”
“Fuck me,” she begged.

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