Review…Where There’s a Will by Karen Kelley

When good girl Haley Tillman is stood up (again), she prays for a dating miracle— and then slams the front door in its face when it appears! Ryder is half angel, half mortal, with powers to do whatever the hell he wants. When he hears Haley’s prayers, he is bound and determined to answer every single one of them.


Haley is a gal in a small town who is stuck in a rut. She has no real social life and absolutely no dating life. She’s got an average 9-5 job, average looks but an above average imagination filled with hidden desires. For years she’s been the good daughter and the good sister but has secretly been keeping a wickedly naughty diary of her true cravings of sexual desires and lust. Unfortunately, with her low self esteem and semi-well-meaning perfect sister keeping that self esteem low, there’s no way she would ever dream of acting on those desires. Besides, there are not many men to choose from in her tiny town, especially ones looking for a plain Jane like Haley. So the only thing left to do is send up a silent prayer for a handsome stranger to be sent to her and help her bring her secret desires to life….but yeah right, prayers are never answered…..or are they?

Ryder is half man/half angel, known as a nephilim. He has been around for hundreds of years and on occasion, listens to and answers people’s prayers. When he hears Haley’s prayer, it seems way too appealing to ignore. So he grabs his Stetson and pops (literally) into Haley’s life with a list of lessons designed to free Haley of her inhibitions and help her discover the far-from-average sexy woman she truly is.

Together, Ryder and Haley explore many of the fantasies she has written about in her diary and learn that together, they have much more between them than the passions they have shared. The only problem is, Ryder can’t stay…. Will he be able to let Haley go once he’s helped her grow into the self assured beauty she has now become?

The thing I liked most about this book was the humor that went along with the erotic elements. Haley’s off handed comments had me laughing out loud at times. Many times she said exactly what any woman would say when Ryder asks her to get into compromising positions. Her lack of self-confidence was easy to relate to, as they are issues that most gals have. She’s not a perfectly shaped book heroine, but more of an average, real life woman. I appreciated that. The moments Ryder and Haley share are yummy and burn up the pages. I will never look at chocolate ice cream the same way again! Ultimately, I really enjoyed this book and think it’s a great, sexy, lighthearted read that I will definitely recommend. Thank you, Ms. Kelley, for a wonderful story!

Heat Factor: On Fire

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